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DOGS AND CATS CANNOT BE VEGETARIANS!! OCCASIONAL pieces of vegetable are ok, but not all the time


This is why, if you catch your cat eating grass, it is EATING GRASS BECAUSE IT FEELS ILL AND WANTS TO MAKE ITSELF THROW UP TO POSSIBLY GET THE BAD THINGS OUT OF ITS TUMMY. It is NOT eating grass because “omnivore”!! Cats are CARNIVORES.

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This is our Aby kitten of about 4-5 months of age. About a month ago, she was showing signs of an URI, and we brought her in for antibiotics. She seemed to get better for a few days, and then crashed quickly.

Her breathing had gotten so labored, that we brought her into an emergency vet. They prescribed us a different set of antibiotics, and we were on our way. We didnt think too much of it, because she was bright eyed and playful and eating/drinking fine.

A week later, and she got progressively worse, she was vomiting, her wheezing was clearly impacting her as she fought for every breath, and she was eating and drinking a lot less. What she did get in, she did so extremely noisily.

We brought her in to emergency again (because these things would just snap to a worse state within a day, and we were worried about waiting a week when she was clearly declining at a rapid rate) and they took some x rays, finding a suspicious lump within her skull, but they were unable to see any polyps (which, I dont think they looked very far since this thing was massive) and suggested we get a CT scan (which ranged from 1200 to 2500 alone)

She then stopped eating and drinking entirely. We started syringe feeding her and giving her water the same way, but she couldnt take very much at a time without spitting it out.

We took her in to the vet we had gotten her from, as they had stated they would insure a clean bill of health for the first year and include all shots, etc. And they told us it was definitely a polyp in her middle ear, they had a specialist they would call and bring them in to take care of her and that it would be covered.

Day by day she got progressively worse. By the third day she had clearly lost a lot of weight, even though she was only four pounds. Her bones were prominent, her fur was greasy, and she had stopped playing and moving around entirely. Her breathing had gotten so strained and so hard, that she had to keep her mouth open all the time, spent the entire day sleeping in effort to keep breathing. We had to wake her a few times when she seemed to stop, and she was constantly trembling.

We couldnt wait any longer, asked desperately if the specialist had gotten back to the vet, and all they could do was shrug and say he hadnt gotten back to them and they were sorry we were suffering, that we should just put her down.

The next day (yesterday) I spent hours calling every vet hospital in the area searching for anyone that could do a polyp removal surgery AND do it on the weekend, where as they just kept telling me to wait until monday, in which I told them I really didnt think she would last that long.

So I finally found a specialty animal hospital that could do it, and we rushed her over. After about 2 hours of waiting, they told us they thought it was indeed a polyp, and they would call someone in to take care of it.

We just got a call this morning saying the surgery went fine, it was indeed a massive polyp. One that was half the size of her skull (apparently it grew since we had the xrays done) and entirely massive for any cat, much less one that young.

But now its out, and we’ll be picking her up in a few minutes. The point of this is, after the 250 dollar charge of our first ER visit (which I cant seem to find the bill for, but when I do I’ll update this), the 440 dollar charge for the xrays, and the 1400 charge for the procedure, I have spent every last cent I have. My credit cards are maxed out, I have no income, and am entirely without any funds.

Any and all donations would be incredibly appreciated, we’ve been put into such a massive hole because of this, but we didnt want to give up and just put her down.

All donations would go towards her bills, and really, just, we would be so incredibly grateful for the help.

It seems like I cant get the donate button to show up, for whatever stupid reason, so if you would like to help, the paypal address is

It turns out we’re going to need to do follow up vet examinations because our kitten has been tilting her head, keeping one ear lowered, squinting the eye with horner’s syndrome, and she’s not playing anymore. Again.

The er vets called for a follow up, and when we told them about it they said it sounded like it might be a deep inner ear problem. That because the polyp was just so massive, it could be causing a sort of fluid build up?

She eats fine, she walks fine, but she might need antibiotics, or more. And the last time we went to our REGULAR vet, the exam and the antibiotics cost us 160 dollars. I do not have this. I literally have no money. We’re in tight enough as it is.

I do not want to make 1800 dollars worth of surgery, xrays and exams to ensure our kitten lives, meaningless.

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Anyone want to go on Wildstar with me? I’m really bored and have no one to chat with on there. Who knows, maybe I’ll draw your character…

I could play with you. What server you on?

SWEET! I’m on evindra. Are…

Add my exile Malysh. We can hang out next time I’m on! :D

Awesome sauce! Will do!

$5 sketch commissions

Heyo everyone! I’ma take some $5 sketch commissions! I would really like save up some more money for some necessities for college (art college mind you, so very expensive). It would be awesome if you guys could help me out! I don’t really have a limit of how many I’ll take right now so shoot me a message if you’re interested! (I use paypal by the way)

Also I don’t mind doing any kind of character. I’ll even do one of your toons from a video game if you send me a picture reference.

Spread the word for me!

Gah! Thank you artsurvivalism! (I did that last time I tried to do this but, it completely went over my head this time…)


^ I don’t just do critters

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